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All of my blogs are officially on a permanent semi-hiatus. I’ll be around, doing replies and maybe open starters, but I won’t be around often. For more info on how my activity will be from now on, follow the link. There’s a link in there, too, to go to a calendar that I’ll try and keep updated with what days I’m too busy and such. Feel free to unfollow me if you don’t like the limited activity.

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//life has been extremely busy and definitely on the stressful side, which is why I’ve been mia. Since this has basically been a trend since I started rping a lot more, I’m going to make some new policies about my activity tomorrow if I can find time to get one here so that my followers are aware of my crappy attendance online ugh

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Ethan hesitated before nodding quickly and scrambling to his feet.

He didn’t care. Aiden was a werewolf, it’s not like they could go to the hospital. But at this point, Ethan didn’t give a shit. His brother was sick and Ethan would do anything to get him well again.

Reaching the supply room, his hands fumbled over the buttons, finally managing to dial the number. “H-hello? My brother, h-he collapsed. U-uh B-beacon Hills H-high School? J-just ask f-for Coach’s room.”

Ethan was shaking, looking over at his brother and Coach, clenching his hands into fists. Anchor anchor anchor. Ethan could feel himself losing control and he scrambled to find anything to ground him. But Aiden’s my anchor! And he’s hurt! 

Ethan could no longer hear the woman’s voice in his ear, asking him questions. He struggled to keep even breaths and closed his eyes, focusing on his twin’s heartbeat.

But Aiden’s wasn’t steady. It was all over the place and faint. Grasping at straws, Ethan focused on the only other heartbeat in the room. Coach’s.

It worked. Slowly, Ethan calmed down, hands unclenching and muscles unlocking, leaning against the doorframe as he heard sirens in the distance.

Coach didn’t look up to see whether or not Ethan was doing as he told him to, because Aiden was more important at the moment. Cradling the teen’s head, he kept his eyes on the rise and fall of his chest and his fingers on his pulse point. The kid felt cold as all hell. They probably spent the night outside,  a voice in his head murmured, but he ignored it. The last thing the twins needed was for him to lose his temper.

Everyone on the staff knew he had a vicious temper. Though he would never harm a student, of course, which was why he still had a job. Usually it was tunneled into his coaching. And if he got a little excited about the game, then what was the harm? This was different. No matter what his students (their parents, his colleagues) thought of him, Coach cared about his students (more than some of their parents did, he suspected). And after finding out what had happened to Lahey for years under his watch, he was especially alert to what was happening to ‘his’ kids.

If Aiden died under his watch, Coach knew he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. He’d quit. Probably move.

But he couldn’t think of that now.

Keeping himself focused, he almost didn’t notice the paramedics as they rushed into the room. They pulled him back and rushed the teen out of the room.

"Ethan," he barked. "Follow me."

They were swarming around Aiden, and he knew it was best to leave them to their job, which meant that it was best if no one rode along. Coach, however, had a car, and he was going to use it.

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"That was awesome!" Ethan grinned, jumping down from the bleachers. "Where did you learn to play like that? That was so cool! The way you moved and just like- hit everyone!"

Bobby puffed up in a way he usually only did among family. Never let it be said that his ego was nonexistent, but that didn’t mean he was going to let himself become a target because of it.

"I come from a long line of sports coaches. It’s in my goddamn blood."

Shrinking a little, he smiled at Ethan.

"Also practice. Mom’s vicious at dodgeball.”

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"Really?" Amanda asked, brightening when he takes the napkin from her. "I mean you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. Really. I won’t be offended if you don’t come. It’s nothing really special."

"Just Angie, my son, and I think one or two of his friends might stop by at some point to raid food and watch movies or something. It’s not going to be anything too fancy," she explains, tucking some hair behind her ear. "I hope you like A Christmas Story. The marathon normally plays in the background and everyone yells quotes all day."

"I’ll come," he said firmly.

He could almost hear his mother saying, ‘don’t be an ass, Bobby.’

"My family never does anything fancy. Saying otherwise is almost a goddamn insult in the Finstock house. And if you think that would stop me from coming, then you have no idea what movie marathons at Lily’s are like."

His sister would restart the damn movie if she caught someone not paying attention. Or going to the bathroom. There was no such thing as pause in her house, so they could be watching the same movie for literal days.

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Ethan gave a small smile and watched Coach out of the corner of his eyes, turning the radio on. At first he kept it there, watching Coach’s face turn sour. Slowly switching through the saved channels, Ethan stopped when Coach’s frown faded.

Smiling to himself, Ethan sat back, looking out the window as the music drowned out his thoughts.

Coach hummed when the teen picked a channel. Not bad. Part of him had admittedly been worried the kid would put something shitty on and the drive would have been unbearable.

It was a short drive, nevertheless, and soon he was pulling into his space and shutting down the car. He glanced over at Ethan.

"You ready, Corgi?"

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imaidenanditscomplicated said: { *screeches* CAITIE!!! MY LOVE!! MAH BB!!!! *tackles and cuddles forever and ever and passes hot chocolate* I LOVE YOU CAITIE!!! <3 <3 }

//*cuddles fiercely* ABBY LOVE *sips* I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH FOR WORDS <3<3

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//my internet’s been really off this week because of snow :[

so I’m running through accounts and doing (and queuing) replies now since I couldn’t even load a reblog to work on it the last few days

(so replies on all accounts should be posted within the next 12 hours - big time frame, I know, but I’ve got a lot to do because I’m silly and have like 8 or 9 blogs now)

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//last minute sleepover with friends (I’m watching them play minecraft right now haha), so replies may or may not be on tonight

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